Pronoun and their types

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Pronoun and their types:

Below is the Pronoun and their types:

Pronoun and their types

  1. The Pronoun


The word which is used in place of a noun is called ‘Pronoun”. It is used to avoid the repetition of the noun.



Rahat is a good boy. He respects his elders. All his friends and elders like him.

Here, all underlined words are pronouns, which refer to Rahat.


Kinds of Pronoun:

There are seven kinds of pronouns.


Personal Pronoun:

Nominative case Possessive case Objective case My, Mine Our, Ours First Person You no 1 He Second Person Your, Yours Third Person His Him She Her, Hers Her Them Their


All of the above-mentioned pronouns are used to avoid the repetition of nouns.


Relative Pronoun :

A relative pronoun is a word that works as a conjunction as well as a pronoun. Who, whose, whom, which, that are relative pronouns.



He is the young man who saved my life.

Whose book is this?

Demonstrative Pronoun:

A demonstrative pronoun refers to that person or thing who has come later. These words are demonstrative pronouns, such as one’s, one, these, those, this, that, etc.



That is the Blue Mosque.

I don’t believe such rubbish.

Both dresses are good, but this is better than that.


Indefinite Pronòun:

The pronouns, which refer to persons or things in a general way are called, ‘Indefinite Pronouns’. These words are indefinite pronouns; some, a few, much, either, neither, all, one, anybody, everybody, any, none, both, etc.



  1. A want some bread.
  2. Here, all are in a bad mood
  3. I am not going to ask for anybody’s help.
  4. None of you is truly reliable.


Reflexive Pronoun:

When the action done by the subject reflects the subject again, it is called ‘Reflexive Pronoun’. These words are reflexive pronouns myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself, themselves, etc.



I love myself.

They love themselves.

He loves himself.


Interrogative Pronoun:

An ‘Interrogative Pronoun’ is used to ask any question. These words are interrogative pronouns. which? who? whom? what? whose? etc.


What is your good name?

Who’s at the door?


Distributive Pronoun:

Each, either, neither, etc. are called ‘Distributive Pronouns’ as they refer to persons or things present at a time.



  1. Either of you can leave now.
  2. Neither of the boys tells a lie.
  3. Each of the girls sang a song.


Pronoun and their types Pronoun and their types Pronoun and their types Pronoun and their types


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