300+ List Of Common Confused Words

If you are searching 300+ List Of Common Confused Words then you are at the right place. The most important field of English vocabulary is commonly confused words. Everyone who speaks English is perplexed by several vocabulary words that appear to be the same but have diverse meanings.300+ List Of Common Confused Words…

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300+ List Of Common Confused Words

Here is a list of the most commonly misunderstood words:

300+ List Of Common Confused Words

Accede to agree
Concede to admit
Ascendant rising
Ascendancy controlling influence
Attenuate to make thin or lean
Extenuate minimize; to diminish the severity of a crime
Avocation subordinate occupation generally pursued pleasure
Vocation occupation, career
Beneficial advantageous, useful
Beneficent Kind
Boldness the courage of transient nature
Courage the ability for men to face danger without fear
Capable having ability or skill to do
Capacious Roomy
Collision Clash
Collusion a secret agreement to deceive
Complacent pleased, satisfied
Complaisant Obliging
Compliment an expression to regard or praise
Complement that which completes
Compensation reward for service
Remuneration Reward
Complete Accomplish
Finish to end
Confidant one who is entrusted with secrets
Confident fully assured
Conscious aware of
Conscientious one who behaves under his or her conscience
Corporal Bodily
Corporeal having a body or substance
Decry to condemn
Descry to discover by the eye
Deduce to deduce a reality or viewpoint based on what comes before
Deduct to subtract
Deliverance act of delivering from evil or fear
Delivery the act of speaking
Depreciate too low in value
Deprecate to express disapproval of some
Effectual successful in producing the desired effect
Effective having the power to effect

Common Confused Words List 2

300+ List Of Common Confused Words

Exceptionable to which exception can be taken
Exceptional Extraordinary
Excite to stir up
Incite to move the mind to action
Event An important incident that isn’t always unexpected
Accident unexpected happening
Farther more far or distant
Further Additional
Factious Turbulent
Facetious Joking
Fetch to go and get
Bring taking something with one
Flagrant Glaring
Fragrant Sweet
Flee to run away
Fly to fly through the air, either on wings or in a plane
Freedom personal and private liberty
Liberty public freedom
Genius rare natural gifts
Talent a developed mental ability or remarkable capacity
Gentle Polite
Genteel well-bred
Goal Destination
Jail Jail
Good possessing desirable qualities
Goodly large; graceful
Greed a desire for more than one needs
Avarice love for money for its own sake
Hardly with difficulty
Scarcely Hardly
Hasten to move with speed
Hurry to act with haste
Hate to dislike intensely
Dislike to be displeased with
Healthful conducive to health
Healthy possessing or enjoying health
Hope to cherish pleasurable wishes
Expect to anticipate as if something is about to occur
House building intended for habitation
Home the residence of a family
Honorary intended merely to confer honor
Honorable worthy of Honor
Ill out of health
Sick disposed to vomit
Imaginary Unreal
Imaginative given to imagining
Immunity not liable to infection
Impunity freedom from punishment or law



whatever I say is literally true


he actually told a lie

300+ List Of Common Confused Words

Lonely Forsaken
Solitary Alone
Luxuriant rich in growth
Luxurious given to luxury
Mitigate to make the burden mild punishment
Alleviate to light the burden
Momentary lasting only for a moment
Momentous of great importance
Neglect willful omission of duty
Negligence habitual omission of duty
Observance Performance
Observation act of recognizing and nothing
Official of an office
Officious too forward in offering services
Part a section or a division
Portion share giving when something is distributed
Pair a set of two persons or things
Couple two people of different sexes who are entwined
Persecute to harass
Prosecute to bring before a court
Polite Courteous
Politic well-devised
Popular pleasing to the people
Populous full of people
Practical In contrast to theoretical knowledge, practical knowledge is the application of knowledge to some useful aim.
Practicable capable of being performed
Probable that which is expected to happen
Possible that which can happen
Quantity the amount that can be measured
Number the amount that can be counted
recollect that which we have difficulty in recalling
remember keep in mind
regret to grieve at
Sorrow A sensation of loss causes mental distress.
Resources means of raising money
Recourse a going to for aid or protection
Respectable worthy of respect
Respectful indicating respect
Scenery a view of a landscape
Sight a thing seen

300+ List Of Common Confused Words

List 4

Scatter to throw things in different directions
Spread to cover a certain area with something
Shade a spot sheltered from the sun
Shadow patch of shade projection by a body
See see is used for persons or things
Witness a witness is used for events or incidents
Sensual one who indulges in animal appetites
Sensuous on senses
Spacious having ample room.
Specious appearing to be correct or truthful, but not actually being so
Sequel Result
Sequence order of succession
Stimulant increasing or existing vital action
Stimulus that which urge a man on
Statue an image
Statute Size
Suspense state of indecision b
Suspension Withholding
Simulate pretending to be someone one is not
Dissimulate to hide what one is
Take to take hold of things ourselves
Receive to accept delivery of a thing
Temperance Moderation
Temperament Disposition

300+ List Of Common Confused Words

Commonly Confused Words List 5

Temporary lasting for a time only
Temporal Worldly
Tenor general run or currency
Tenure Term
Testimony oral or written statement
Evidence information tending to establish fast
Timid fearful, wanting courage
Cowardly mean, base
Transpire become known
Happen Occur
Trifling of small importance
Trivial a thing which is small in itself
Union the thrill of combining many elements into one
Unity Oneness
Ugly offensive to the eye
Awkward Ungraceful
Clumsy Ungainly
Veracity Greed
Verbal Oral
Verbose Wordy
Virtual for practical purposes
Virtuous having model goodness
Wave Move
Waive relinquish or forego
Willing Disposed
Willful Obstinate
Wages money way to workmen
Fee some paid to a professional man
Salary money given to officials, clerks, and soldiers regularly
Income total money earned or received
Wreck Ruin
Wreak take vengeance upon the enemy

300+ List Of Common Confused Words 300+ List Of Common Confused Words 300+ List Of Common Confused Words

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