20+ Short Stories-Short Stories For Kids

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20+ Short Stories-Short Stories For Kids :

Below is the List of Short Stories:

20+ Short Stories-Short Stories For Kids

A Greedy Dog

Once a hungry dog stole a piece of meat from the butcher’s shop. He ran toward the jungle to eat it alone. There was a river on his way he saw his own reflection in the water. He took it to another dog with a piece of meat.

He was very greedy he jumped into the river to catch it. He barked, his own piece of meat fell into the river.


Moral: Greed is a curse.

20+ Short Stories-Short Stories For Kids


A selfish friend

Once, two friends set out on a journey. They promised to help each other through thick and thin. They had to pass through a thick forest. They saw a bear coming towards them. One friend was very selfish. He climbed up a tree the other could not do so. He lay down on the ground and held his breath. The bear came up to him and smelt him. Thinking him dead, the bear went away. The selfish friend climbed down the tree and asked his friends,

“What did the bear say in your ear”? The other friend replied, “The bear advised me not to keep friendship with a selfish man”.


Moral: A friend in need is a friend indeed

20+ Short Stories-Short Stories For Kids

A Woodcutter and his Axe


Once a poor woodcutter was cutting a tree on the bank of a river. By chance, his ax fell into the river. So he began to cry. An angel appeared for his help the angel dived into the river and bought out a golden ax but the woodcutter refused to take it.  The angel dived again and bought a silver ax but the woodcutter again refused to take it. He dived for the third time and this time he brought out an iron ax. The woodcutter cried with joy. The angel becomes very happy at his honesty. And gave him the other to axes as a reward.


Moral: Honesty is the best policy

20+ Short Stories-Short Stories For Kids

A thirsty crow

Once a crow was very thirsty. He flew here and there in search of water but he found no water. At last, he reached a garden he saw a picture of water there.

He tried to drink water. The water was very low. His break could not reach it. He was very clever. He hit upon an idea he picks up some stones and dropped them into the water one by one. At last, the water rose. He drinks water and flew away.


Moral: Necessity is the mother of invention.

20+ Short Stories-Short Stories For Kids

A foolish stage

Once, a stage saw him on reflection in a pool. He was very happy to see his beautiful Hons. But when he saw his ugly legs, He began to curse them. Suddenly, he saw some hounds running towards him. He runs to save his life. His ugly leg took him to the jungle but his horns were caught in a bush he tried hard to free them but failed the hounds reached the spot and tore him into pieces.


Moral: Pride hath a fall

20+ Short Stories-Short Stories For Kids

A hare and the tortoise

Once a hare and the tortoise were good friends. The hare was very proud of his fast speed. One, the day the tortoise asked him to run a race and the race began. The hare runs fast and left the tortoise far behind.

After covering a few miles, the hare set under a shady tree and fell asleep. The tortoise went on slowly and reached the winning post. The hare woke and run very fast. When he reached the winning post, the tortoise was already there. The tortoise had won the race.

 Moral: Pride hath a fall.

20+ Short Stories-Short Stories For Kids

A fox and the grapes

Once a fox was very hungry. He went here and there in search of food. But he found nothing to eat. At last, he reached a garden. He saw ripe grapes on the vine. He jumped to catch them. But he could not get them. He jumped again and again. But failed. At last, he went away saying. “The grapes are sour I could not eat them”

 Moral: The Grapes are sour


A farmer and his sons

Once, a farmer had three sons. They always quarrel with one another. He advised them many times to live in peace but they did not care.

One day a farmer fell ill. When he was about to die, he called his sons. He asked them to bring a bundle of sticks. Then he asked them to break the sticks by taking them one by one. They did the same and all sticks were broken easily. The father advised them to learn a lesson from the bundle of sticks and not quarrel in the future.

 Moral: Union is strength

20+ Short Stories-Short Stories For Kids


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